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Our mission is to enable participants in the healthcare ecosystem to:

Provide higher levels of care

Extend care to more people

Enable new health care innovation to address diseases and extend lives

Reduce costs and increase efficiency of healthcare administration

Allow participants to own and control their private health data

What is MPayz Token?

MPayz is a utility token that fuels the applications running on the MPayz Network. The MPayz token will be used to execute smart contracts, mint NFTs, and support cross-border payments.

The MPayz token will allow the following to occur through a MPayz wallet:

  • Accept payments in real time via the Web/App, mobile device, SMS, or IVR.
  • A web based, enrollment based, “virtual bank account” option that enables any healthcare provider/entity to accept and/or push payments of any size, at any time, from anywhere.
  • Bundled informational component associated with any and all transactions.
  • Multiple bill presentment, payment and reporting options.
  • Integration into dissimilar back-end resources.
  • Minting and purchasing of NFTs, which represent private patient data.

The MPayz Platform

MPayz will be a system that facilitates better payment processing, better billing, better messaging, better public health systems, better data analytics, and better identity services needed within the medical industry. The MPayz Platform, a culmination of all the MPayz blockchain technologies, has been established to answer this call and will allow industry coordination to deliver better health outcomes through interoperability. This Algorand blockchain-based platform will include a policy system, a service marketplace, a secure global database external to the blockchain PKI, a shared computation environment, smart-contracts, private communication channels between peers, and a data marketplace.

In addition, the platform will track possession of tokens within the system as well changes in ownership of tokens. Within this ecosystem, tokens represent a mechanism for resource consumption control. The Foundation will derive revenue from token transaction fees representing the use of its platform assets. The MPayz Foundation is domiciled in Bermuda as a non-profit company equivalent.

Algorand removes the technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scale, and security. Now you can build on a stable platform you trust.

Our consensus mechanism is permissionless and PURE PROOF OF STAKE™. It ensures full participation, protection, and speed within a truly decentralized network. With blocks finalized in seconds, Algorand’s transaction throughput is on par with large payment and financial networks. And Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. No forking. No uncertainty.


Through Q1 '23

Private & Pre-Sale Token Offering

AUG 2022

NFT for Personal Healthcare Information

SEPT 2022

MPayz Wallet

OCT 2022

Credentialing Platform POC

MAR 2023

MPayz Token Minted

APR 2023

MPayz Token Launch

JUL 2023

Patient Data Vault

AUG 2023

Cross-border payments

SEP 2023

MPayz DeFi Value Based Pricing Models

DEC 2023

Metaverse Access Points


We have constructed a token model for the operation, administration, and economic remuneration of participants in the system. The MPayz token provides for the secure and fair utilization of the healthcare interoperability system previously described. The MPayz tokens will be referred to as the UT (Utility Token) henceforth.


There will be an initial issuance of 5,000,000,000 UT. These tokens will be divided and have liquidity as follows:


1,150,000,000 Tokens​


Payroll and Compensation Expenses for MPayz Foundation operators.


500,000,000 Tokens

Marketing & Operations​

To cover the expenses of the Foundation.


750,000,000 Tokens​

Partners & Service Providers

Initial Adopters/Users of the MPayz Network building and providing technology to be deployed that accepts and promotes the MPayz token and assets.


150,000,000 Tokens

Foundation Board

Strategic Advisory Services and Oversight


1,500,000,000 Tokens​

Private & Public Sale

Investor Allocation


250,000,000 Tokens

Charitable Foundation

Charitable donations to mission aligned endeavors and grants to fund healthcare disruptive technologies.


400,000,000 Tokens

Liquidity Pool

Decentralized Finance and Exchange Liquidity Pools


300,000,000 Tokens

MPayz Reserve Pool

Reserves for future endeavors

MPayz Team

Executive Board

Michael K. Dershem

MPayz Chairman of the Board

John Parker

MPayz General Counsel

Mahesh Chand

MPayz Innovation / Blockchain Advisor

Saleem Elmasri

MPayz Financial Advisor

MPayz Advisory Team

Claudette McGowan

TD Bank, Global Executive Officer

Joel Naroff

Naroff Economics, President and Founder

Alison Swan

Swan Group, Director

Chris Were

Verida, Co-Founder and CEO

Darren Wolfberg

Blockchain Triangle, Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Ruddock

First Interstate Bank, Innovation Officer

Jill Richmond

GDA Capital, Strategic Advisor


Kevin Dorrance

TransformCare, Founder and CEO

David Walcott

Novamed, Founder & Managing Partner

Jenny Witthoff

Georgetown University Medical Center, Adjunct Faculty

Ricky Brathwaite

Bermuda Health Council, CEO

Bhasker Das

MCN Solutions, Chief Strategy Officer

Basil Hantash

Eluscent Therapeutics, Inc. Co-founder, CEO & Chairman

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