MAPay LLC Appoints Ngu H. Morcho to Advisory Board for Health Equity and Market Development Lead for Africa

MAPay, LLC, the global healthcare fintech company revolutionizing healthcare payments and data exchange with distributed ledger and Web3, has announced the appointment of Ngu H. Morcho to its Advisory Board for Health Equity. In addition, Mr. Morcho will serve as the Market Development Lead for Africa, further strengthening MAPay’s commitment to addressing health equity and value-based care in Africa.

As an Advisory Board member for health equity, Mr. Morcho will provide strategic guidance to MAPay in its mission to transform healthcare and healthcare payments to empower Business to Customer (B2C) patient/consumer and Business-to-Business (B2B) Enterprise medical commerce domestically and globally. Mr. Morcho, Founder and CEO of Yako Medical International, a strategic project development advisory firm to MAPay, brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the healthcare industry and is uniquely positioned to guide MAPay in enabling equitable access to quality healthcare services in the African market.

Mr. Morcho is an Ashoka Fellow and social entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, having served in senior leadership roles with multinational medical technology companies and healthcare-focused non-profits. Over the past decade, his work has focused on developing value-based care solutions to address disparities in health equity and promote inclusivity for underserved communities.

Furthermore, as Market Development Lead for Africa, Mr. Morcho will spearhead MAPay’s expansion efforts across the African continent. He will be charged with establishing strategic partnerships and working closely with local stakeholders, governments, healthcare providers, and communities to drive market adoption and customize MAPay’s solutions to address the specific needs of the African healthcare landscape. His appointment marks an important milestone in the company’s commitment to modernization and advancing accessibility, affordability, and reliability of the African healthcare sector.

“For several years, we have been deploying MAPay’s first-ever blockchain-enabled vault wallet with bi-directional payments, data, and secure messaging to improve healthcare delivery to millions of citizens across BermudaIndia and the Americas, and now is the right time to bring our solutions to Africa,” said Michael Dershem, Founder and CEO of MAPay LLC. “We are thrilled to welcome Ngu H. Morcho to our team. His background and expertise in health equity and market development experience across the U.S. and Africa make him an invaluable addition to our Advisory Board. With successful MAPay deployments in Bermuda and India, we’re establishing a prime team to co-create in Africa.”

“I am honored and excited to join MAPay LLC after witnessing the successful deployments of the company’s digital healthcare payments and secure data transfer, creating a revolutionary opportunity for the African continent,” said Mr. Morcho. “I firmly believe in the power of digital technology and interoperability solutions to bridge gaps and deliver health equity. At MAPay, our Africa strategy is centered around the Theory of Change ‘Health Creates Wealth.'”

Market entry will focus on three tactical pillars:

  • Accessibility – Leverage national digital identification and launch dynamic healthcare NFTs to empower individuals to own and monetize their healthcare data, a first for the continent of Africa
  • Affordability – A blockchain payment processing system for inter-country or cross-border transactions. The digitization and management of a national healthcare financing and payment platform will reduce waste and increase operational efficiencies across the health system. The cross-border payment system will help redirect billions of dollars of remittance by Africans in the diaspora and/or spent off continent as medical tourism, to enhance investment in the healthcare sector in Africa
  • Reliability – A digital certification and credentialing program for healthcare personnel and suppliers. This program will significantly improve standards and quality of care delivered across the continent and create an enabling environment for top talent to build careers on the continent and reverse Africa’s brain drain.

Following the devastating effects of the COVID pandemic, governments across Africa have realized the urgency and are taking action to develop policies and pass laws to digitize and modernize their health systems and implement Smart Government Solutions (SGS) to achieve digital and health equity and prepare for the next pandemic. MAPay’s technology ecosystem is built on blockchain and designed to enable governments and healthcare providers to undergo system modernization and transformation, reduce costs and empower individuals with control over their personal health information.

MAPay hopes to play a leadership role in creating a more equitable healthcare ecosystem across Africa through groundbreaking technologies and strategic partnerships. With the appointment of Mr. Morcho, the company takes another significant step forward in realizing this vision and extending its global reach.

About MAPay LLC:

MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company that is deploying distributed ledger technology to power smart contracts, transacting secure medical solutions. The company has developed a hybrid architecture of both centralized and decentralized protocols for multi-party medical payments and HIPAA-compliant data exchange. MAPay is working in association with hospital networks, practice management systems, drug companies, insurance payers, pharmacies, and government entities. The company is committed to empowering patients and healthcare providers by leveraging blockchain technology to improve and align incentives, reduce costs, and bring increased transparency and data exchange. The company believes in permissible open-sourced system collaboration, and solution sets that are economically and socially impactful.

About Yako Medical International, LLC:

Yako Medical International, LLC is a healthcare project development and advisory services consultancy focused on Value-Based Care (VBC) and Health Equity solutions to underserved communities. Yako Medical International, LLC is based in the United States and develops a portfolio of digital healthcare and medical technology projects across the USAAfrica, and the Caribbean Islands.

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